RCS Messaging Service

RCS Messaging support Web features, videos, forms, attachments, GIFs, survey will all be delivered straight to the customer without them having to transfer any associate app or visit a website.

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RCS Messaging Service

RCS features additional open development platform permitting businesses and carriers to develop their own immersive chat apps and interactive experiences.
RCS can upgrade today’s business electronic messaging expertise by facultative brands to send additional helpful and interactive messages.

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The Advantage of RCS Include :

  • • Increased customer interaction
  • • More tailored messages to customers
  • • Customers have the potential to complete a purchasing journey without ever leaving their messaging app.
  • • Opportunity to reduce pressure on customer care teams,by integrating chat bots to handle the majority of basic requests.
  • • Integrate native phone options like geolocation and calendar integration
  • • Potential to improve brand reputation and customer retention rate due to improved customer service
  • • Negate the requirement to commission a branded app as RCS electronic messaging ought to handle all in-app practicality
  • • Customers will have instant access to a wealth data at the bit of a button from product information, event booking, client queries, videos or promotions
  • • Help to eradicate fraud in the telecommunications industry
  • • Securely collect unpaid debts
  • • Ability for a customer to reschedule an appointment or delivery Never be put on hold again
  • •Provides an interactive app/web page functionality to customers
  • •Tied to a user’s mobile range instead of associate app – no downloads needed

Acceptional Case of RCS:

  • • Not totally offered on all networks and solely accessible on android
  • • Chat functionality will not have client-to-server encryption

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API Container

API Container

Connect your program with our API container then easily integrate codeless multiple API's.



Plug your software with our plugins, so you don't need to login into our bulk sms platform.

Media-Rich SMS

Media-Rich SMS

Entertaining media-rich SMS supporting images, attachments and more.

API Code

API Code

Use our ready to integrate api and start automated communication with your client and retain them with micro-investment.

Region-wise Segregation

Region-wise Segregation

Communication gape is the biggest problem in India, Bulksmsserviceproviders fill the gape of communication. You can send the sms in one go, we will segregate and send them to the customer native language.

Target Book

Target Book

Send automated wishes or alerts to loved ones and your users. Now use your data more effectively.

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Data Security & Privacy Management

5000+ enterprises trust us with their data.

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