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Bulk SMS provider is awesome with fast service, elegant interface and easily to customize

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Bulk SMS Provider is extended message service through our software has provided a bulk full of messaging feature connecting all of us across the entire country. This service has whacked the other previously used sms services through its speedy and accessible benefits. This has offered high connectivity, the best service and message flow in an efficient way.

The immense service offered by our software has hence connected us all over India in a secured platform with modest pricing that increased its demand in a vast prospective. Bulk SMS Provider is a fixed point destination for Bulk SMS.

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Bulk SMS

The most beneficial feature is offered to send a single message to more than 500 other people at a same time simultaneously.

Long Code

Long code is Global virtual numbers used by business to receive SMS and calls. It is basically used for lead generation and international calls and sms.

Voice SMS

This is the most effective medium to get your voice heard across the world as you can choose your own language and can schedule it through online control panel.


We offer SMPP which is an open and efficient protocol for sending messages. Connecting with SMPP allows a faster and higher volume of messages to be sent.


We provide reseller plan for our resellers to achieve haste growth.

24*7 Support

We are all time available to resolve your problems. Take 24*7 customer support from our team.


Get best price from us

Promotional SMS

100000 SMS - 14 paisa/user
500000 SMS - 12 paisa/user
1000000 SMS - 10 paisa/user

Transactional SMS

100000 SMS - 14 paisa/user
500000 SMS - 11 paisa/user
1000000 SMS - 9 paisa/user

Voice SMS

Intelligent - 90 paisa/user
Dynamic - 80 paisa/user
Promotional - 30 paisa/user

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  • info@bulksmsserviceproviders.com
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